Glenlivet 1980 2003 Adelphi

Glenlivet 1980/2003 Adelphi

Adelphi is one of my favourite bottlers. It’s a shame they are on the expensive side, otherwise I would’ve undoubtedly own more of their bottlings. I love their label design by the way. Minimalistic. And the reason for that, as Alex Bruce once explained, is because they want to champion the spirit. The label is basically just there to give some information about the content.

But enough about Adelphi. Let’s move on to today’s tasting note. It is of an older Adelphi bottling of Glenlivet, bottled back in 2003. Distilled in 1980 and matured in a hogshead, this turned out to be quite to my liking.

Glenlivet 1980/2003 (50,6%, Adelphi, C#13743)

Nose: Malty with (sour) apples, juicy pears, kumquats and white grapes but also sweet cotton candy and custard. Something slightly acidic now. White wine vinegar maybe.
Taste: A fairly oily mouthfeel. Quite a lot of oak. Pretty spicy too. Cumin and fennel seed. Slightly more citric than the nose suggests, but also apricots.
Finish: Spicy but then a quick return to the orchard fruits. Ends on a menthol note.

Rating: 89

Wonderful whisky, that show its age. Could’ve done with a little more fruit on the palate, but I’m nitpicking really. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

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