glengoyne 10yo

Glengoyne 10 Years (2020)

Glengoyne is located in an absolutely beautiful spot not far north from Glasgow. Not surprisingly, quite a few tourists make the trip to the distillery annually (COVID notwithstanding of course). A few years ago I visited with a friend and got a comprehensive tour of the premises, filled a 20cl bottle straight from the cask (which I still haven’t opened), and drove straight to Edinburgh Airport after.

It was a worthwhile little detour from Glasgow, where we had been staying one night while indulging in some of the (liquid) fun the Christmas markets had to offer. But not before devouring the fantastic haggis made at Café Gandolfi and a quick stop at the Disney Store to pick up something for my friend’s daughter (a great girl I adore and am very proud to call my goddaughter). Overall a great trip that saw us spending time at Lindores and Daftmill as well.

So yeah, I enjoy Glasgow and have fond memories of Glengoyne. And I’ve long been impressed with the job owners Ian Macleod have been doing with the distillery. They found a great balance between their core values (long fermentations, slow distillation and using a high proportion of sherry casks) and finding commercial succes. Since acquiring Glengoyne, they’ve also added Tamdhu to their portfolio and have done an admirable job there as well. While right now they’re in the process of reviving Rosebank, which will add even more prestige to their company. They’ve truly been going from strength to strength.

As far as Glengoyne goes, I’m mostly impressed with their older offerings. I’ve bottle of their fantastic 25yo open at home, and can attest to the greatness of the Glengoyne 30 as well. Their younger stuff though, isn’t always up my alley. I’m curious to find out how the Glengoyne 10 stacks up in the world of entry-level malts.

Glengoyne 10 Years (40%, OB, 2020)

Nose: Grains and breakfast cereals with a sour-ish veneer, but also some touches of honey and raw sugar. Finally some orchard fruits make an appearance also, mostly ripe red apple.
Taste: Quite creamy and relatively mouth-coating, especially at such a low abv. Lovely fruits (apple and pear), a hint of powdered sugar and definitely a decent maltiness.
Finish: Lingering spices and a touch of charred oak. Sultanas and honey also.

Score: 81

A good whisky at its price point, the Glengoyne 10 Years offers enough interest and depth but is mostly just very quaffable and easy-drinking.

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