glenfiddich snow phoenix

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

The story behind the Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix is well-known by now. In 2010 a number of the distillery’s warehouse roofs collapsed under the weight of heavy snow, and that’s what this whisky is named after. It’s a bottling of ex-sherry and ex-bourbon (first fil and re-fill) casks. Let’s just say it is a highly sought after whisky.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix (47,6%, OB, 60.000 bts)

Nose: Malty and dusty. Straw with honey and vanilla. Cookie dough also. Some ginger, combined coconut, old wood and oak. It smells as if there’s some old stuff in here. The nose is pretty eclectic.
Taste: Lemon, ginger. Slightly waxy and chalky. Honey again as well as a peppery edge. A touch oaky.
Finish: Honey, chalk, oak and a bit of pineapple.

Rating: 88

It tastes more or less like a Highland-whisky, which I find a good thing. This is not just a hyped whisky because of a fancy name and smart marketing. It is also a very good whisky.

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