glenfarclas 1963 blairfindy blackadder 40yo

Glenfarclas “Blairfindy” 1963 40 Years Old (Blackadder)

I reviewed a sister bottling a while ago, where I explained why this is called Blairfindy and the name Glenfarclas isn’t mentioned on the label. I’ve been lucky to try my share of old Glenfarclas, most of ’em from the official Family Cask range. Without exception, all have been good, most were even great. High anticipations for this one from Blackadder — bottled well over 15 years ago!

Glenfarclas “Blairfindy” 1963 40 Years Old (52.3%, Blackadder, C#5)

Nose: Oof Madone! A big old sherry monster that’s far from subtle. Plums and dates, furniture polish and resin, dark chocolate and ground coffee beans. Also a whiff of mushrooms, tobacco and soy sauce. It’s rather over the top.
Taste: It really is not far from those super intense Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask releases, albeit a bit more succulent. Coffee and dark chocolate. [@#!$@!… Balls, just spilled 40-year-old Glenfarclas on my keyboard! At least I’ve plenty left to finish my tasting notes. Silver lining: my keyboard never smelled better.] Also warm spices and burnt caramel. There’s a touch of smoke and some star anise, as well as licorice.
Finish: Medium in length. More of the above. Surprisingly, not too dry.

Score: 88

It’s very good whisky, but also extremely over the top. I know for some people this would rate well in the 90s, but I like a little more balance in these types of whiskies. Thanks for sharing, Sjoerd!


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