glenfarclas 1975 40 years old scotts selection

Glenfarclas 1965 40 Years Old (Scott’s Selection)

It’s almost impossible to not like Glenfarclas, although I don’t doubt there are some haters out there. The distillery is family-owned, they focus on sherry maturation despite the higher cost this brings along, their whisky is reasonably priced — oh, and it’s usually pretty good as well.

Independent bottlings of Glenfarclas are rare, especially ones that mention the distillery by name. The distillery has an aversion to independent bottlers using the distillery name. In Serge’s review of this Glenfarclas 1965 from Scott’s Selection, he mentions some legal action that may have occurred over this exact bottling.

While the name is mentioned on the label, it doesn’t specify the the type of cask, other than “Oakwood Casks”, which… duh!

Glenfarclas 1965 40 Years Old (48.5%, Scott’s Selection)

Nose: Interestingly herbal (some thyme, aniseed) with a touch of licorice, but also undeniably fruity. Very understated and elegant though. Apricots, tangerines and and a whiff of raspberry and grapefruit. Finally some motor oil as well.
Taste: Port-stewed pears, cherry syrup, lingering notes of menthol and burlap, but also quite spicy. Mainly cracked black peppercorns and nutmeg. A bit astringent and tannic, but that’s to be expected after four decades of aging, and it is never overpowering or too dominant.
Finish: Lingering spices and oak shavings.

Score: 90

Good, old school distillate with plenty of oak influence, yet never does the oak intrude too much. It’s a fine balance, but this Glenfarclas pulls it off.

Photo: Whiskybase

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