glendronach 21 years parliament 2021

GlenDronach 21 Years Parliament (2021)

It won’t be long now before the GlenDronach 21 Years Parliament will be made from whisky that was distilled after GlenDronach reopened in the early 2000s. It means that the release I’m reviewing today will be at least 25 years old, maybe even 26 years, since it was bottled in 2021. After all, the distillery was closed between 1996 and 2002, and that gap of six years forces GlenDronach to use older whisky than necessary.

GlenDronach has featured extensively on this blog, and not just about how many of their whiskies are older than the age that is mentioned on the label. I’ve reviewed roughly 25 different expressions from GlenDronach, with their 50-year-old being the absolute highlight. But there are many other examples of GlenDronach that I enjoyed at lot (and some not so much).

I’ve also reviewed the GlenDronach 21 Years Parliament before. It’s actually my favourite of their core range, and I made sure to stock up on the 21-year-old back when it was still very affordable. And even though it has tripled in price (no joke!) since then, the GlenDronach 21 Years Parliament is not actually outrageously priced in today’s whisky climate. Considering its age and maturation in sherry casks and all.

glendronach 21 years parliament 2021 closeup

GlenDronach 21 Years Parliament (48%, OB, 2021)

Nose: Definitely a whiff of struck matches and other sulphuric elements, but they don’t distract much (and disappear altogether after a while) from the creamy cherry influence, cassis, some raisins and a bit of mint in the background. Finally some dried figs, apricots and maybe even a touch of rhubarb.
Taste: Quite syrupy and obviously rich, meaty almost, but balanced with notes of coffee, cocoa powder and brown sugar. A little less sweet than I remember maybe. Plums, raisins and cinnamon, with finally a whiff of aniseed.
Finish: Some mocha, After Eight and nougat. Lingering spices too. Long.

I believe most people prefer the GlenDronach 18 Years Allardice, but I can't help but enjoy the GlenDronach 21 Years Parliament better. It strikes an enjoyable balance between sweet and savoury, while providing a richness and very pleasant mouthfeel.

Sample provided by GlenDronach

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