glendronach 15 revival

Glendronach 15 Discontinued for Three Years

The Glendronach 15 Revival is definitively gone for approximately 3 years. After months of rumors, there is now finally official word from Alistair Walker, director of sales and marketing at the BenRiach Distillery Company. Sean Russel of the Facebook-group Glendronach Appreciation Society received a statement and was kind enough to share it. Here is the full statement:

The GlenDronach 15YO will indeed be discontinued from the range, for approx 3 years – the plan, at this stage, is that it will return at some point in 2018. This isn’t something we would do lightly, as this is one of our best-selling and most popular whiskies, but we simply don’t have the maturing stocks to continue to bottle and supply the GD 15YO over the next 3 years. The GD 15YO will be withdrawn from all markets, not just the UK. Based on current stocks and the average monthly rate of sale I would envisage there still being availability within UK retail through to Sep, maybe even Oct.

On a more positive note…

The GlenDronach 12YO, 18YO, 21YO, Cask Strength Series and Grandeur Series will continue, as will the bi-annual Single Cask batch releases. We have also recently added the new 8YO ‘The Hielan’ to the range, and this will be available on an ongoing basis. In addition to that, we are working on one or two new GlenDronach expressions that will be released later this year that we are pretty excited about. Watch this space…

So there you have it. Do with this information what you will. If you haven’t already and you’re a fan of the Revival, than you might want to stock up.

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