Glencadam 21yo

Glencadam 21yo ‘The Exceptional’ (2016)

Come to think of it, I don’t believe I ever tasted something from Glencadam before. It is a fairly low-profile distillery and they’ve been flying under my radar for sure. So why not start with one of their older offerings: the 21 year old.

Glencadam 21yo ‘The Exceptional’ (2016) (46%, OB)

Nose: Exceptionally fresh and light. Grassy with layers of pineapple and apple sauce with vanilla custard added to the mix. Some soft cinnamon spices and wood shavings.
Taste: Again light and a bit fruity (apple peel, white grapes), although it does have a subtle spicy edge with cloves and nutmeg. A fair amount of oak shines through.
Finish: The oak drives the fruit to the background. A tad drying.

Rating: 83

A fairly straight-forward malt whisky. It is well-priced for a 21yo, but it doesn’t do enough to really make it stand out among the pack.

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