glenburgie 2008 11 years the old friends

Glenburgie 2007 11 Years (The Old Friends)

Glenburgie from the late 1990s is one of those whiskies that, despite many great reviews, still operates under the radar somewhat. There is some very good value to be found there and I usually think they’re quite tremendous. However, I’m still not very convinced about younger Glenburgie. While naturally more affordable, it doesn’t always feel like a finished product.

So, I usually stay away from late 2000s Glenburgie. But every once in a while it’s good practice to regauge, which is what I’m doing today. This Glenburgie 2007 11 Years is from The Old Friends, a label I’m not entirely familiar with. It’s from the same German company that also release the Scotch Universe brand, which is known for its constellation based approach.

This Glenburgie was bottled pre-pandemic and has matured in an Oloroso sherry hogshead. Not my preferred cask type for a fruity spirit such as Glenburgie, but I’m keeping an open mind.

glenburgie 2008 11 years the old friends closeup

Glenburgie 2007 11 Years (55.9%, The Old Friends, C#106/2008)

Nose: Clear modern sherry cask influence with plenty of fudge, toffee and Werther’s Originals. Some orange marmalade, apricots and tangerines linger in the background. Touches of sandalwood too.
Taste: Oily mouthfeel. The palate builds upon the nose, as the fudgy and toffee notes make an encore, but there’s also a hit of peppery spices. There’s a clear fruity spirit hiding somewhere, but it feels like the cask subdues it somewhat. Soft notes of burnt caramel, candied fruits and ginger, accompanied by a whiff of resin.
Finish: Medium length. Lingering spices, tablet and pickled oranges.

Quite a powerful, youthful whisky. The positive descriptor would be vibrant, but you could also call it slightly unpolished. For my money, I found it a mostly pleasant, albeit somewhat modern and cask forward drinking experience. Thanks for sharing, Nathaniel!


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