glenallachie 10 years old port wood finish

GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Port Wood Finish

I’m continuing my review of the new GlenAllachie Wood Finish range with a closer look at the GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Port Wood Finish, which was recently released by owner and master distiller Billy Walker. Before being finished in Ruby Port pipes, this whisky matured in American oak barrels.

GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Port Wood Finish (48%, OB, 2019)

Nose: Soft candy-esque strawberries, cherries and raspberry. A hint of rose petals, as well as honey and caramel-glazed, baked apples. Some After Eights after a little while. Pretty enticing.
Taste: Treacle, dried red fruits and a hint of cocoa powder. Very sweet. Pretty intense spicy notes too. Mostly wood spices. Slightly astringent too.
Finish: Drying, spicy. The sweetness returns after a while.

Score: 81

Started promising, but the wood was a little too dominant on the palate to warrant a higher score. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Port matured whisky I really liked.

Sample provided by The Glenallachie

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