glen scotia 2008 9 years old kintra

Glen Scotia 2008 9 Years Old (Kintra)

Coming short on the heels of my review of an Inchmurrin bottled by Kintra, is this Glen Scotia, also bottled from Kintra. Both distilleries (or brands actually, as Inchmurrin is not a distillery), are owned by the Loch Lomond Group, and both brands have gone through somewhat of a transformation.

Glen Scotia’s problem, so to speak, is that it shares Campbeltown with both Springbank (and to a lesser extent Glengyle), one of the most nerd-friendly and admired distilleries in the world. For a long time Glen Scotia has operated in Springbank’s shadow, and it might never be as loved as Springbank (which has an almost cult-ish following), but you shouldn’t overlook Glen Scotia.

It’s not longer just the independent bottlers that know where to find exceptional casks of Glen Scotia, the owners themselves now also release tasty stuff on a frequent basis. Which I guess is sort of beside the point for this blog, as it focuses on an independent release. Anyway, you get the gist: don’t sleep on Glen Scotia 🙂

Glen Scotia 2008 9 Years Old (55.9%, Kintra, C#369)

Nose: Somewhat fruity at first. Lemon zest, oranges and lime peel (indeed, very citric). Even a tad candy-esque at a certain point (candy hearts), before showing its dirtier side. After a little while there’s a bit of wet rope, cookie dough and a touch of diesel, even a whiff of salmiac liquorice. Pretty idiosyncratic.
Taste: Quite creamy (vanilla-esque), a touch salty and somewhat dirty, with a hint of copper coins. There’s a whisper of lemon yoghurt and a some spicy oak.
Finish: Green apple and lingering sweetness.

Score: 84

Tasty stuff from a distillery I’ve come to like quite a bit. Not your everyday dram, but that also means it has plenty of character and singularity.

Photo: Whiskybase

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