Glen Scotia (flickr martyn jenkins)

Glen Scotia 1992/2012 Malts of Scotland

Glen Scotia could be named ‘that other one’ from Campbeltown. Because when discussing Campbeltown whisky, there’s usually only one name that really excites whisky drinkers, which is of course Springbank. That has changed a bit now with Glengyle in the mix, but Springbank is the classic Campbeltown malt.

That doesn’t mean that Glen Scotia isn’t capable of producing some excellent whisky. Their distillery bottlings aren’t held in high regard, but there are some single casks out there that are simply fantastic. Case in point. Today I review a Glen Scotia from a couple of years ago. One that has matured in a sherry hogshead and was bottled by Malts of Scotland, an indie bottler with a very good reputation.

Glen scotia 1992 2012 MoS

Glen Scotia 1992/2012 (51,9%, Malts of Scotland, C#12031)

Nose: A hint of smoke and peat. Some burnt wood and ashes. Also a sulphury element. Metal, rust and wet rocks. After my nose is used to these rougher aromas, some oranges appear. It also has a barbecue-esque quality, very meaty and nutty. Then some more sherry notes in the form of dark red fruit, leather and black berries.
Taste: More peat and ash, but also some earthy flavours. Again dark red fruit, but also a more spicy side. Nutmeg and aniseed. The palate is a bit too dry and woody.
Finish: Again ashes. Mostly bitter and very long.

Rating: 84

An excellent nose, but what follows is less enjoyable. If I’d judge on the aromas alone, this Glen Scotia would’ve scored in the high eighties. Disclaimer: I am somewhat sensitive to peat, so I suspect most people would get more sherry notes out of this one.

Photo: Flickr/Martyn Jenkins

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