Glen Scotia 1992 18 years old kintra

Glen Scotia 1992 18 Years Old (Kintra)

There are only three distilleries in Campbeltown, yet Glen Scotia has a hard time finding the spotlight. It’s not hard to understand why, because its direct competitors (Springbank, Glengyle) produce some of the most-appreciated whisky in the world.

However, I have a few positive experiences with Glen Scotia, and feel like I tend to see their whisky in a more positive light than most. Especially when it has matured in sherry casks. And this Glen Scotia 1992 18 Years Old from Kintra we’ve got here, might very well be another successful chapter in my Glen Scotia book.

Glen Scotia 1992 18 Years Old (52,6%, Kintra, C#141)

Nose: There’s quite a lot of smoke, some peat too. It has an earthy, dunnage quality with burlap and mushrooms. A hint of tobacco, furniture polish and cocoa powder, accompanied by cherry syrup. Sherried Glen Scotia at its best.
Taste: Lots of chocolate and cigar tobacco, with a subtle smokiness. Really similar to this one from Wemyss. Some light menthol and cough syrup notes, followed by black pepper, cherries, and berries. Just wonderful.
Finish: Earthy, smoky with a touch of cough syrup. Long…

Rating: 90

Powerful, yet balanced and with plenty of complexity. Not exactly easygoing, and I don’t think this style is for everyone, but it is heaven to me.

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