glen scotia 1832 campbeltown

Glen Scotia 1832 Campbeltown (2019)

Travel retail is an important market for distilleries. I forgot how big a slice of Scotch whisky is sold there, but it is a lot. Can’t find the source right now, but I believe the global travel retail market would be in the top five if it were a country.

Most travel retail releases don’t inspire much confidence though. There’s a lot of no age statement, flavour-led (not meant as a compliment), marketing driven liquid floating around. Some airports have an interesting single cask exclusive every now and again, but you’re paying a premium.

The Glen Scotia 1832 Campbeltown then falls in the NAS category. Fairly affordable, but certainly not cheap, this was finished in Pedro Ximenex sherry casks. It has a higher than usual peat content for Glen Scotia.

Glen Scotia 1832 Campbeltown (46%, OB, 2019)

Nose: Sweet notes of dates and brown sugar, but also a touch of leather, oats and walnut skin. There’s a whiff of citrus as well, accompanied by soft aromas of peat and petrol, and a hint of vanilla.
Taste: Nice interplay between smoky and sweet, with a pinch of salt thrown in. Hints of rum raisins, smouldering embers, and ripe red apple. Not the most balanced though.
Finish: Lingering smoke. Medium in length.

Score: 79

Not sure what to think here. It certainly didn’t leave a big impression, and at 70 euro for a 1 liter bottle, there’s definitively alternatives. This is a cop out, I know, but you’d really have to try it yourself to decide if it is worth it to you.

Photo: Master of Malt

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