glen moray 1986 adelphi C#1931

Glen Moray 1986/2013 Adelphi

I posted really short notes on today’s whisky in a blog post about an Adelphi-tasting hosted by Alex Bruce. On that same night, a friend bought the Glen Moray 1986, giving me a chance to write proper tasting notes on it. I quite liked it at the time.

Glen Moray 1986/2013 (56,8%, Adelphi, C#1931)

Nose: Nougat, some white chocolate and a bit of nailpolish remover as well. Slightly musty, but then it opens up into an array of cookie dough and melted butter, as well orange candy. Very attractive.
Taste: Syrup-y. Mouth-coating. Slightly tannic and peppery on the arrival. Some marzipan, coconut shavings and touches of star anise. Not very fruity, although there is apple somewhere in the background.
Finish: Bitter oranges and marzipan. Long.

Rating: 88

An interesting whisky, that’s for sure. Not everyone’ll love this, but I really like it. Offers something different, albeit it at a price. Will cost you around 160 euro.

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