glen keith 1992 28 years whisky-fassle featured

Glen Keith 1992 28 Years (Whisky-Fässle)

If there are tropical fruits involved, I’m usually in. We’re likely in good hands today, as early 1990s Glen Keith has a knack for displaying fruity elements. I thoroughly enjoyed an earlier release from Whisky-Fässle, so I’m quietly confident this one will deliver also: a Glen Keith 1992 28 Years.

Somewhat surprisingly, it is still available from Whisky-Fässle. Most of their releases sell out quickly, especially the ones that score 89+ on Whiskybase (of which there are more than a few). The price may have been on the higher end when it was released two years ago, but 300 euro for a really good 28-year-old Glen Keith really isn’t out of the ordinary these days.

glen keith 1992 28 years whisky-fassle

Glen Keith 1992 28 Years (44.5%, Whisky-Fässle, 2021)

Nose: Pretty delicate with light floral touches accompanied by candied banana, Galia melon, and coconut. Also, a gentle woodiness highlighted by sandalwood and pickled ginger. Finally a tinge of rhubarb and lychee. Maybe some papaya too. Quite fruity, this one.
Taste: Somewhat creamy. This fruitiness that I associate with older Irish single malts is hiding somewhere. It is not as overt, but it’s there. That means tropical fruits like mango, grapefruit and tangerines. But these notes are competing for attention with spicier touches of white pepper, cloves and nutmeg.
Finish: An oaky spiciness with sweet notes of the vanilla variety.

If it's fruitiness you want, then it's fruitiness you will get. These early 1990s Glen Keith almost always deliver and are top quality, yet they rarely quite get over the 90-point hump. There are these slight rougher edges that detract somewhat.

Sample provided by Whisky-Fässle

Photo: Whiskybase

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