glen grant 2000 wu dram clan whisky exchange 50th anniversary signatory vintage

Glen Grant 2000 (Signatory Vintage / Wu Dram Clan / Whisky Exchange)

When Wu Dram Clan sent me their latest, a Glen Grant 2000 23 Years bottled by Signatory Vintage, I soon realised I had a sample of a similar whisky also waiting to be reviewed. Very similar actually. The Glen Grant 2000 22 Years for The Whisky Exchange is a sister cask distilled on the same date.

It’s always good fun to compare and contrast, so that’s what I did. No surprise, but the whiskies are very similar. Both were finished in a first-fill sherry butt since 2020. Considering the output (almost 700 bottles at cask strength), that means these releases are the product of more than one cask. As in, these are technically single cask whiskies, but also they aren’t.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter much. What’s more interesting is the initial cask type these whiskies matured in. As I understand it, the Glen Grant 2000 for Wu Dram Clan originally matured in a refill sherry cask (either 2nd or 3rd fill). Simply put, it’s a sherry-matured whisky finished in a first-fill sherry butt.

And I know I shouldn’t, but I assume the bottling for The Whisky Exchange underwent a similar maturation regime, meaning sherry-upon-sherry. Also, I probably should mention the Glen Grant 2000 for The Whisky Exchange was released to celebrate co-founders Sukhinder and Rajbir’s family working 50 years in the drinks trade.

glen grant 2000 22 years signatory vintage whisky exchange 50th anniversary

Glen Grant 2000 22 Years (57.1%, Signatory Vintage for The Whisky Exchange, C#1)

Nose: Notes of stewed apples alongside slivers of nougat and Werther’s Original, but also damp oak, tobacco and earthy notes of forest floor. It takes a while for the fruit to appear, like cranberries, orange marmalade and blackcurrants. Maybe a pinch of cinnamon too.
Taste: Creamy, rich mouthfeel with a slightly more prominent oak influence. Gentle notes of cracked black peppercorns, a whisper of fennel, hazelnuts and soft herbs. But also sweet, elegant fruits, such as dates and raisins, followed by Demerara sugar and cinnamon. Also some burnt toast and orange peel.
Finish: Medium to long. Hints of cocoa powder, pralines and lingering oak spices.

A sherry bomb. But one with a certain level of complexity and interest. I can’t help but wonder what it was like originally, before the finish. But I’ll give Signatory Vintage the benefit of the doubt. They probably wouldn’t have re-racked this Glen Grant if it weren’t necessary. The result speaks for itself.
glen grant 2000 23 years signatory vintage wu dram clan

Glen Grant 2000 23 Years (57.3%, Signatory Vintage for Wu Dram Clan, C#4)

Nose: Fairly cask forward, but that’s to be expected considering the colour. However, it never feels out of balance or overpowering. Notes of caramel-glazed apples, slivers of tobacco, dunnage floor and decaying leaves. Gentle fruitier notes start appearing after a little while. Dark, but juicy fruits – blackcurrants, cranberries and the like.
Taste: Full-bodied. Creamy mouthfeel too. Although it feels somewhat more modern now. The oak tannins are noticeable and the spices play a more prominent role. But there’s also dark chocolate, orange pith, prunes and roasted hazelnuts, alongside black peppercorns and green walnuts. Slivers of menthol too.
Finish: Long with lingering oak spices, coffee grounds and herbacious goodness.

A very similar profile to the release for The Whisky Exchange. It's all very well-integrated. The sherry-upon-sherry works. The oak takes on more of a leading role on the palate, but never becomes too overpowering, leaving room for some chocolate-y and fruity notes. Enticing stuff that feels like it would evolve in the bottle pretty well.

Samples provided by Wu Dram Clan & The Whisky Exchange

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