Glen Grant 1974 36 Years Old Duncan Taylor

Glen Grant 1974 36 Years Old (Duncan Taylor)

Six or seven years ago there were lots of old Glen Grants on the market. Most from the early to mid-seventies. One such an example is this Glen Grant 1974 36 Years Old from Duncan Taylor. Nowadays you don’t see these oldies too often anymore.

Glen Grant 1974 36 Years Old (52,4%, Duncan Taylor, C#16560)

Nose: A thin layer of furniture polish quickly makes way for freshly cut red apples, pineapple and a whiff of coconut shavings. Some faint squeezed orange juice, as well as vanilla and puff pastry. Elegant and complex.
Taste: Incredibly waxy. First a hint of grapefruit and oranges, but then moves on to spicier territory. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. Some menthol too. Doesn’t swim very well.
Finish: Some pepper, but becomes fruitier. Long.

Rating: 89

A lovely old-school Glen Grant. The spices dominate the palate just a tad too much, but highly enjoyable overall. If you want to read someone else’s notes on this whisky, check out Whiskylifestyle. Thanks for the sample, Noortje!

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