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Anniversary Post: Glen Grant 1954 Gordon & MacPhail

Today is the second birthday of my blog! And purely coincidental this also is my 300th blog post. Last year I celebrated by tasting two Port Ellen’s. This year I decided to go with the oldest whisky I’ve ever tasted, a Glen Grant 1954 from Gordon & MacPhail.

G&M were kind enough to send me this sample as part of their ‘The Wood Makes the Whisky’-campaign. I’m not exactly sure when this was bottled, since G&M forgot to include that information in the package they sent me. And when I asked them, they were unable to retrieve that info. For now I’ll assume it is the last one they bottled, which is from 2012. That just seems likely.

Glen Grant 1954 (40%, Gordon & MacPhail)

Nose: What a sublime start. Mahogany, furniture polish, beeswax and tobacco. Lots of succulent red fruit (raspberry for example), a hint of soy. Very forest-y too, with wet leaves, wet wood and tree bark.
Taste: Aniseed and mint. Pretty tannic, close to the edge, but never going over it. I believe there’s the slightest hint of peat. Leathery, with a touch of cinnamon and cloves, but also red apple and apricots.
Finish: Mint, woody and dried fruits. Long.

Rating: 92

A beautiful whisky from a long gone era. If money weren’t an object, this is the only kind of whisky I’d drink 🙂

Sample provided by Gordon & MacPhail


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