Glen Elgin 2011 11 Years Uncharted Whisky Co

Glen Elgin 2011 11 Years (Uncharted Whisky Co.)

Glen Elgin’s claim to fame is its inclusion in the historic White Horse blend, a brand that was first trademarked in 1890. But I’ve found Glen Elgin to produce a spirit that can comfortable stand on its own legs. Uncharted Whisky’s Glen Elgin 2011 11 Years (nicknamed Killer Queen) is a good example.

It’s an interesting distillery, Glen Elgin is. The stills are relatively small and their lyne arms lead into six wooden worm tubs. This kind of setup would suggest a heavy, sulphury new make, but that’s not the case. The long fermentation (anywhere between 80 and 120 hours) combined with slow distillation make for a fruity spirit with plenty of depth.

Today’s Killer Queen comes with a slight caveat. After initial maturation (in presumably ex-bourbon casks) it was finished in ex-Madeira casks. And just in case the Madeira wouldn’t have a strong enough influence on the whisky, they were small octave casks. Let’s hope the integrity of this Glen Elgin hasn’t been compromised.

Glen Elgin 2011 11 Years Uncharted Whisky Co closeup

Glen Elgin 2011 11 Years (53.9%, Uncharted Whisky Co., 2022)

Nose: Very subtle with light touches of orange peels, gratings of pickled lemon and whispers of peach and nectarine. Also some honey, nougat, and a sliver of ozone and chalk. Delicate stuff.
Taste: An immediate sweet first impression with some lovely tart fruits. There’s orange blossom honey, pink grapefruit and tangerines, but also dark caramel and subtle oak spices.
Finish: Soft rose petals, lingering caramel and oranges. Medium to long.

The finish in first-fill Madeira octave casks made me a skeptic, but it honestly turned out perfectly fine. The Glen Elgin 2011 11 Years from Uncharted Whisky Co. is a delicate balancing act – the cask influence is noticeable but complimentary and remains at bay just enough.

Sample provided by Hogshead Imports

Photo: Whiskybase

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