glen elgin 2008 15 years wilson & morgan 806575 review

Glen Elgin 2008 15 Years (Wilson & Morgan)

Most of its production ends up in blends, but Glen Elgin is a popular distillery amongst independent bottlers. One such example is today’s Glen Elgin 2008 15 Years. This pick by Wilson & Morgan, a bottler from Italy, was finished in an ex-Oloroso sherry cask.

Fabio Rossi, founder of Italian independent bottler Wilson & Morgan, comes from a proud family of Venetian wine merchants. His father made the decision to expand to (blended) Scotch whisky in the 1960s, which eventually led to Rossi branching out as an independent bottler in 1992.

He initially bought his casks through Cadenhead’s to create the Barrel Selection label – part of Wilson & Morgan’s product range to this day. In time Rossi started selecting his own casks.

Wilson & Morgan came up just behind legendary Italian bottlers like Samaroli, Moon Import or Sestante. Understandably, they’ve never quite reached the same status, but have a quality reputation in and of themselves. They haven’t featured often on these pages, but I certainly enjoyed my limited experience with Wilson & Morgan.

glen elgin 2008 15 years wilson & morgan 806575

Glen Elgin 2008 15 Years (55.4%, Wilson & Morgan, C#806575)

Nose: Hints of yoghurt with caramel crumble, as well as some mocha. The notes of lemon zest and Galia melon add a nice vibrancy. It gets fresher with time. (Or should I say thyme?) But it never loses the rich Oloroso influences. Also slivers of dried apricots and peach, as well as raisins and burlap.
Taste: Syrupy mouthfeel. There’s loads of fudge, plenty of vanilla and some café noir cookies. Also just a touch of burnt caramel, accompanied by cracked black peppercorns, something aniseed-y and just a whisper of leather. Would’ve liked some brighter fruits to balance all this richness.
Finish: Medium length. A soft grassiness, gentle spices and a good deal of honey. Ending on elegant chocolate bites.

Just slightly too syrupy and sweet at times, and I have a sweet tooth. That's me nitpicking though. Overall this is a rather delightful Glen Elgin. Maybe not prototypical because of the cask influence, but really enjoyable nonetheless.

Photo: Whiskybase

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