glen elgin 2007 13yo whisky import nederland

Glen Elgin 2007 13 Years (Whisky Import Nederland)

The last time I reviewed a release by Whisky Import Nederland didn’t turn out too well for said bottling. A not so Secret Highland Distillery that was very disappointing, especially at that age. But I’ve another sample from the same batch of releases, a Glen Elgin 2007 that has aged for 13 years in a hogshead.

Now Glen Elgin is a blend filler of White Horse fame, but I find it also has a good standing among most whisky connoisseurs. The ceiling of this distillery’s spirit doesn’t seem to be very high. Of course, there’s the odd 90 pointer, but mostly Glen Elgin seems to be just a very reliable, relatively fruity Speysider that responds well to both bourbon and sherry cask maturation.

We’ve seen a few other young-ish Glen Elgin receive good reviews as of late, most notably Watt Whisky’s release. I haven’t tried that one yet, because getting samples out of the UK has proven challenging for Kate and Mark, but seeing how well their Glen Elgin was received gives me hope for the one I’m about to review.

Glen Elgin 2007 13 Years (56.2%, Whisky Import Nederland, 2021)

Nose: Plenty of vanilla sweetness and honey accompanied by sweet pastries, green apple and a little lemon zest. Just a whiff of minerality.
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel highlighted by vanilla custard, quince marmalade and soft notes of orange peel. A pinch of white pepper, followed by cloves and tinned peaches. Pretty sweet, but not too much so.
Finish: Some saw dust and more sweet vanilla. Medium.

Proper spirit (Glen Elgin is vastly underrated in my opinion) filled into a good cask, albeit a little too vanilla heavy.

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