mortlach 16yo flora and fauna (featured)

Hurry Up And Get That Mortlach Already

Since Diageo announced their plans to invest £30 million and reinvent Mortlach, stocks of their 16yo Flora & Fauna expression have dwindled quickly. The lone official bottling has been discontinued and next summer Diageo will release four new expressions (rare old, special strength, 18-year-old and 25-year-old), probably all of which will be more expensive than the excellent F&F. That’s why I’m happy I bought two bottles right after the news broke, so that I can at least enjoy the 16yo F&F for a little while longer. The simple message is this: buy the Mortlach 16yo Flora & Fauna while you still can! Check out my tasting notes and see if this whisky might be something for you.

mortlach 16yo flora and fauna

Mortlach 16yo (43%, Flora & Fauna, 2012)

Nose: Raisins, wood, grapes and some leather. Also caramel sweetness and roasted meat.
Taste: An explosion of flavours, very full bodied. A lot of spices and herbs, some pepper and very leathery and chewy. Dark and dried fruits and plums.
Finish: Lots of sherry and wood. And the end there is a surprising hint of smoke.

Rating: 86

Bottled at 43 per cent, it’s amazing how full bodied this one is. Just a wonderful whisky that makes me really curious about the new expressions coming out. I’m afraid the prices of the four new ones might be higher than I’m willing to pay. I’ll just wait and see.

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