filliers 5 years oude graanjenever

Filliers 5 Years Oude Graanjenever

Filliers recently completely overhauled their range, which is exciting news in the world of Genever. Not a whole lot happens in Genever usually, but with the renewed interest in Genever because of the cocktail craze, some exciting stuff does occur every once in a while, and the new Filliers line-up is certainly part of it.

Now, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t tasted any of the new Filliers Genevers yet, but I’ll be sure to hunt down a few samples when I can. For now we’ll have to do with older releases, such as the Filliers 5 Years Oude Graanjenever. It is made from a malt wine consisting of corn, rye and malted barley, after which a juniper distillate is added. Both components are aged for five years in American oak casks.

Filliers 5 Years Oude Graanjenever (38%)

Nose: Young, malty and sweet, with some fresher notes of juniper and mint, as well as a hint of orange, nutmeg and white pepper.
Taste: Lovely fruits, such as gentle flavours of red apple, followed by cinnamon and cardamom and hints of orange. Quite lovely.
Finish: A lingering grassiness.

What I’m impressed with here is the balance. Where most whiskies at this age are at least a bit rough around the edges (sometimes a lot), this is perfectly well-integrated.

Photo: Master of Malt

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