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Scottish Oak-matured 2023 Edition of Fettercairn 18 Years Announced

Fettercairn has announced the 2023 Edition of their Fettercairn 18 years, which has matured in Scottish oak. Or was finished in Scottish oak, is what I should say. The new release is the successor to last year’s 18-year-old, when it was first launched.

On the flavour profile of the Fettercairn 18 Years Scottish Oak, the press release mentions aromas “of sugared almonds, baking spices and a tropical sweetness of passionfruit and guava. To taste, enjoy exotic syruped fruits, patisserie sugars, brioche and spices with soft hints of berry fruit. To finish, savour soft spice, cacao and natural vanilla.”

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The Fettercairn 18 Years Scottish Oak initially matured in American white oak casks. Presumably, these were ex-bourbon casks, as I find it hard to believe they’d follow up a virgin oak maturation with a finish in virgin Scottish oak. But who knows? Crazier things have happened.

The Scottish Oak Programme is master whisky maker Gregg Glass’ baby. It has expanded across all of Whyte & Mackay’s industry, and ultimately aims to support the entire drinks industry for generations to come.

Bottled at 46.8%, the Fettercairn 18 Years Scottish Oak will be available from specialist retailers from June onwards in key markets. This includes the UK, France and Germany. The recommended retail price is £200 – a 25 pound increase over last year’s release.

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