The Epicurean Lowland blended malt douglas laing

The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt (Douglas Laing)

Over the past couple of years Douglas Laing has launched a whole range of affordable blended malt whiskies, called the Remarkable Regional Malts. Each blended malt represents one of the five Scottish whisky regions. Last year the fifth and final installment was released, The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt.

A little while ago I received a surprising e-mail from Douglas Laing, in which they invited me to become a Douglas Laing Fellow. I felt quite honored that they considered my modest blog, as there are only thirteen other people worldwide participating in Douglas Laing’s Fellows Programme.

It basically means I’m an honorary brand ambassador. Douglas Laing’ll send me a Fellows Pack every once in a while, which’ll also include samples of their products. Before accepting their invitation I checked if they were fine with me giving my honest, independent opinion. Turns out they are. Which is what I expected anyway, but I was glad to have it confirmed, otherwise I would’ve had to decline.

I’ve reviewed whiskies from Douglas Laing before, but my tasting notes of The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt will be the first I do as a Douglas Laing Fellow. There are not many Lowland distilleries producing malt whisky, so this probably only contains malts from Glenkinchie, Auchentoshan and maybe Bladnoch. I doubt they had any spare Rosebank, Littlemill or St. Magdalene laying around 🙂

The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt (46,2%, Douglas Laing)

Nose: A big sour hit of citrus is a large part of the first impression. Also some metallic notes. Plenty of lime juice, and a good amount of lemon peel. Slightly floral too, and a whiff of dried grass. Finally vanilla and thyme.
Taste: Surprisingly sweet. Honey and sugared cereal, but also quite spicy with some white pepper and ginger. A light fruitiness too (peach, nectarine, but also that lime again).
Finish: Lemon and milk chocolate. Medium in length.

Rating: 78

A light, delicate dram that represents the Lowland flavour profile well. I could’ve done without the metallic note, and it does feel a bit young overall.

Sample provided by Douglas Laing

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