Edradour Ballechin Oloroso (featured)

Edradrour Ballechin Oloroso Cask Matured

Edradour is certainly not one of my favourite distilleries, but they do make some nice whisky every once in a while. Their 10 year old is a good every day dram and this one I really liked. The Ballechin-series of Edradour consists of peated whiskies. There are eight batches so far, and every batch has matured in a different cask type. Today I review the oloroso-version.

Edradour Ballechin Oloroso

Edradour Ballechin Batch 4 (46%, OB, Oloroso Sherry, 6000 bts.)

Nose: Not a lot of sherry in the nose (a tiny bit of cherry), which is mostly dominated by leather, campfire smoke, rubber, tar and peat. It also has a farmy quality and some cereal aromas.
Taste: Peaty, nutty and grassy. That about sums up the first impression. Than some sweeter sherry notes appear as well as ginger, pepper and coriander. It is very dry, maybe even too dry. And I like my whisky dry, so when I say too dry, I really mean it.
Finish: Dry, spicy and not very long. Especially for a peated whisky.

Rating: 82

It’s a decent enough whisky, especially considering that this is a very young whisky. And if you’re a peat lover than you’ll probably rate this whisky higher than I do. But it is a bit weird for my taste. Why is it weird? It’s difficult to put into words. Let me just say this: I don’t really see the added value of a heavily peated whisky that isn’t from Islay. If a Highland-distillery uses peat that’s fine, but I like it to be bit more subtle than this one.

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