Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release

Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release (2020)

Okay, I said I would be reviewing more Irish whiskey this year. And I’m intending to uphold that promise. I didn’t promise all of them would be of very recent offerings though. So, let’s take a look at the Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release. Released almost two years ago, but relevant because there are plenty available in shops still. I’m not sure if that is a good sign.

My first and only brush with Dingle so far, was when I visited the Dingle Whiskey Bar in Dublin in early 2017. It was just a quick in-and-out during the day. Sadly, I don’t remember much of trying the distillery’s first small batch release, which had been released just a few months prior to my visit. Located across from the iconic Trinity College, I was mostly impressed by the modern decor. However, it stood in stark contrast to the nearby Palace Bar, an historic Victorian pub that’s been an institution for almost two centuries.

It’s not necessarily a good sign that it has taken me till now to finally review a release from Dingle Distillery. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it certainly didn’t help that I haven’t been seeing many glowing reviews. But maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places.

Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release closeup

With 30,000 bottles released, I’m not sure if this Dingle Single Malt is still a Small Batch Release. Either way, the Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release has matured in three different cask types – bourbon, Pedro Ximénez and Madeira. There’s no mention of age anywhere on the label or the distillery’s website, so we can expect it to be young.

Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release (46.5%, OB, 2020)

Nose: A touch of green apple peel quickly followed by stewed rhubarb, some faint pineapple, and strong notes of pot ale. Ending on sweet notes of vanilla sugar with finally a touch of resin.
Taste: Soft oak spices like cloves and ginger with a touch of menthol, whole grain bread and tobacco. The oak is quite dominant, while the spirit is noticeably young. There’s not much sophistication yet.
Finish: More spices and herbs, with some sour notes as well. Finally some apple parts. Medium.

The Dingle Single Malt 5th Small Batch Release fails to impress. The wood is rather dominant (some European oak maybe) while I found it hard to distinguish characteristics from the spirit. I might wait a few years before I turn my attention to Dingle again.

Photos: The Whisky Exchange & Whiskybase

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