Dimple 15 year old blended scotch whisky

Dimple 15 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky (2015)

Dimple is a staple in the world of blended whisky and really popular. The Dimple blends are produced by Haig (which is part of Diageo). There are over thirty malt and grain whiskies in the 15 year old expression, with (according to most websites) Glenkinchie being a very important one.

The Dimple 15yo is among the first whiskies I’ve ever tried, after a friend of mine received it as a Christmas gift from his boss. I remember it as a big step up from the Johnnie Walker Red Label we were used to drinking before. But that was many, many years ago, so it’ll be fun to try now that I have considerable more miles on my malt odometer.

Dimple 15 Year Old (40%, OB, 2015)

Nose: Saw dust and honey. Floral with a light acidity, as well as some orchard fruits, prunes and melted butter. Smooth.
Taste: Some light tannins, as well as plums, sweet honey and some citrus. A touch of earl grey tea.
Finish: Fairly short. Some caramel and roasted peanuts.

Rating: 80

An inoffensive blend that noses well and shows some nice complexity on the palate, although the finish is pretty short.

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