dewars double double 21 years review

Dewar’s Double Double 21 Years (2024)

The Dewar’s Double Double 21 Years sits at the higher end of this brand’s range. It’s not your average blended Scotch whisky, but instead one created through a fairly intricate blending process.

The old informs the new here. Master blender A.J. Cameron first introduced the double-ageing process to Dewar’s. This was back in 1890 when the company was still headed by the founder’s sons, Tommy and John Alexander. (Their life stories are worth reading up on.)

Current master blender Stephanie Macleod continues to champion double-ageing. In 2019 she launched a new premium range, Dewar’s Double Double Series, with a four-stage ageing process “for ultimate smoothness.”

What are the four stages, you might wonder? Well, it starts with separate ageing of single grain and single malt whiskies. The single grains and single malts are then blended together (but separately) and aged further. The next step is to combine the grain and malt whiskies. The fourth and final step is a finishing period in sherry casks.

I imagine that’s maybe not as innovative as Dewar’s would like you to believe. Maybe it was in the late 19th century, but probably not today.

dewars double double 21 years

Dewar’s Double Double 21 Years (46%, OB, 2024)

Nose: Creamy and nutty with hints of praline and some sweet fruits, including tinned peaches and grilled pineapples, but also a sliver of tobacco and untreated tropical timber. Very pleasant and inviting, with a gentle, almost citrus-y freshness weaving in and out.
Taste: Velvety mouthfeel with just a pinch of warming spices, followed by figs, prunes and caramel, as well as some tannic oak. Also some syrupy, reduced berry compote, but then some zesty oranges as well, followed by leather.
Finish: Short to medium with notes of pepper, some tobacco and oak.

The Dewar's Double Double 21 Years is good, but doesn't live up to expectations entirely. There's some indications of its advanced age, yet it is also lacking complexity. An easy sipper that's rather oak driven at time.

Sample provided by BAAS Amsterdam

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