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Dalmunach 6 Years ‘Wulver’ (The Whisky Exchange)

Independent bottlers already introduced whisky drinkers to Dalmunach. And owners Chivas Brothers had even released some semi-official bottlings in the Distillery Reserve Collection. Now the first general release of Dalmunach has arrived, a 6-year-old nicknamed ‘Wulver’ that’s part of the three-part Mythical Creatures series.

Dalmunach started distilling in 2015 on the site of the demolished Imperial distillery. During Spirit of Speyside 2019, the distillery opened its door to the public, which I took full advantage of. My first, and only, encounter with the distillery’s whisky was very much a positive one. So, I look forward to experiencing what else they have in store.

dalmunach 6 years wulver the whisky exchange

Dalmunach 6 Years ‘Wulver’ (60%, OB ‘Mythical Creatures’ for The Whisky Exchange)

Nose: Hints of candied lemon, a touch of resin, and just very gentle apricots, red apples and nectarines. It progresses into notes of sweet pastry and vanilla custard, as well as love hearts. Even some floral touches.
Taste: Proper viscous mouthfeel and a sweet, vanilla-forward arrival with cotton candy as well, although with room for white pepper, peanut skins and cloves. Some of same fruits re-appear, but maybe a bit more citrus-y than the nose.
Finish: Medium length. A touch of oak spice but mostly lingering notes of pear and citrus.

A very sound whisky that benefits from the straight-forward ex-bourbon maturation. And the mouthfeel just lifts it up a notch. While pretty quaffable in its own right, the best thing is, I can really see this being suitable for longer maturation. I can't help but think there's a way forward to a flavour profile reminiscent of some of those excellent mid-90s Imperial.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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