dalmore 1974 hart brothers 22 years

Dalmore 1974/1996 Hart Brothers

Dalmore is known for its uber luxury marketing more than it is for the quality of their whisky. Which isn’t to say that they make bad whisky, on the contrary. But their focus on presenting a luxury product and being attractive to high-end consumers somewhat distracts from what is really important.

Independent bottlings of Dalmore are not very common, and tasting one from as far back as 1974 is a rarity. This one was bottled twenty years ago by the Hart Brothers and has matured in a sherry cask.

Dalmore 1974/1996 22yo Hart Brothers (43%, Hart Brothers, 1974)

Nose: Plenty of wood glue. Copper coins. It has a metallic quality/sour note that reminds me of Tobermory and Ben Nevis. Not necessarily a good thing in my book. Hidden behind it are some simple fruity notes of red apple peel and oranges. Not very outspoken.
Taste: Oily mouthfeel. A fair amount of oak. Pretty spicy arrival (cinnamon and cloves). Hints of cherry syrup and some caramel also. Not balanced enough.
Finish: Spicy. Ends on a note of red apples. Short to medium in length.

Rating: 78

Not all that impressive. Middle of the road if you ask me, which is not what you’d hope for when you taste an old sherried highlander.

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