dailuaine adieu lina 1973 daily dram

Dailuaine ‘Adieu Lina’ 1973 (Daily Dram)

Boy, have I been sitting on this sample for a long time. This Dailuaine (Adieu Line, get it?) was part of a sample swap with someone who’s nickname I’ll never forget: turfsmurf. ‘Turf’ is the Dutch word for peat, while you probably already know what a smurf is.

I first met turfsmurf (or Arjen in real life) on the Dutch Whisky Forum, a website where I’m active to this day, where he was one of the moderators. That’s how at one point we swapped a few samples. But he really made a lasting impression in December of 2014. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve won the Blind Tasting Competition, but I just couldn’t keep up with him and ended in second place. Damn you, turfsmurf!

Anyway, enough about my arch nemesis 😉

While not stated on the label, this Dailuaine has clearly matured in an ex-sherry cask. Distilled in 1973, it is a proper oldie.

Dailuaine ‘Adieu Lina’ 1973 (47.6%, Daily Dram, 2008)

Nose: Very elegant sherry influence, with lots of maturity. Prunes, dates, raisins and plums, as well as subtle notes of cherry wood. A touch of orange zest and honey as well. Very enticing and in perfect balance.
Taste: Great harmony between tannins, oak spices, coffee powder and dry leathery notes on the one hand, and sweet honey, vanilla, strawberry jam and orange marmalade on the other.
Finish: A hint of cloves, and a faint rubbery note too, as well as a whiff of menthol. Medium in length.

Score: 90

Easily a 90-pointer in my book. The balance between cask and spirit is top notch. The complexity is there as well. What more can you ask for?

Photo: Whiskybase

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