Dailuaine 2000 12 Years Old 9201

Dailuaine 2000 12 Years Old (Silver Seal)

Imagine my surprise when I realized I only ever reviewed one Dailuaine on Words of Whisky? It’s high time to change that, so I pulled a fun sample from my drawer: a Dailuaine 2000 12 Years Old from Silver Seal.

Silver Seal is an independent bottler from Italy, owned by Max Righi. He is also the man behind Whisky Antique, a shop in Formigine with the most incredible collection of old and rare whisky you’ll ever see.

Both Silver and Dailuaine have a good reputation, so I’m looking forward to trying this. Before I forget, this whisky is from a sherry cask.

Dailuaine 2000 12 Years Old (56,2%, Silver Seal, C#9201)

Nose: Fresh forest fruits. Cranberry juice and brambles, and a heavier note of cherry syrup. Lots of herbs, thyme mainly, menthol too. There’s a whiff of smoke and bandages. Slightly medicinal even. Very interesting and different.
Taste: Lots of nuts. Roasted peanuts, walnuts too. Some dark spices (pepper, clove), but also rich, red dried fruits. Again pretty herbal too. Cigar tobacco.
Finish: Slightly dry. Red fruits, nuts and fairly long.

Rating: 88

Don’t expect an overly sherried whisky (although the sherry influence is apparent). It is a very interesting balance between the rich Dailuaine spirit and the cask. Very much to my liking.

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