dailuaine 16 f&f

Dailuaine 16yo Flora & Fauna

The Flora & Fauna-range showcases Diageo’s lesser-known distilleries. They didn’t come up with the name themselves, mind you. That honour goes to the late whisky writer Michael Jackson, who nicknamed the series due to the labels.

The description of lesser-known fits Dailuaine for sure. By far the most of it ends up in Diageo’s Johnnie Walker blends. Only a small percentage of Dailuaine’s output is released as a single malt, of which the 16yo Flora & Fauna is an example.

Dailuaine 16yo (43%, OB, Flora & Fauna)

Nose: Overripe apple, pineapple & lime. It does get a lot darker over time with oranges, tobacco and raisins. Some saw dust, a hint of glue and some mentol.
Taste: First impression is almost beer-like, slightly bitter. A hint of apple. Now a lot spicier, boiled cloves and nutmeg with a hint of tobacco. Also feint dates and raisins. More tannins if you decide to add water.
Finish: Bitter with plums and a small taste of cherries.

Rating: 84

If this is how Diageo wishes to present Dailuaine as a single malt whisky, than there’s no shame in that. It is well-constructed and has plenty of charisma. Lacks a bit of punch.

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