daftmill 2006 summer batch release

Daftmill 2006 Summer Batch Release (2018)

By now you probably have heard of Daftmill, and if you haven’t, be sure to read up on this distillery. Via this interview with founder Francis Cuthbert, for example. Or by spending some time working your way through this account of a distillery visit, on the excellent Traveling Savage.

Last year Francis finally decided it was time for the inaugural release of Daftmill, to much critical acclaim. In the meantime a few other whiskies have hit the market, one of which is this Daftmill 2006 Summer Batch Release—the second Daftmill ever. Also, I’ve since visited the distillery (of which I wrote about for Whisky Passion), and came away very impressed. All that’s left to do now, is taste some of its whisky.

Daftmill 2006 Summer Batch Release (46%, OB, 2018)

Nose: Light and floral, with hints of rose petals and peaches, as well as white grapes. There’s a touch of mint in the background too, followed by sweet vanilla and cereals, and a good whiff of lemon peel. Very satisfying.
Taste: Quite spicy compared to the nose, with lots of cloves especially, and some nutmeg too. Hints of cardboard, as well as charred oak. I really do have a hard time retrieving those fruits.
Finish: Light fruitiness, with lemon at the forefront. Slightly grassy as well, with a bit of menthol. Medium in length.

Score: 82

The nose reminded me of a rather good Rosebank I reviewed previously, but the palate not so much. Proper whisky, this Daftmill, I’m just not as enthusiastic as some.

Photo: Master of Malt


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