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Dad’s Dram Blended Malt (The Whisky Exchange)

I imagine it’s really cool if you can share your whisky hobby with your parent. Mom, dad, or both. But while there is progress, we’re still a long ways away from whisky being advertised as a Mother’s Day gift. However, it is a customary present for Father’s Day. The Whisky Exchange knows this and have created Dad’s Dram, a Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.

There’s not much detail about the makeup of Dad’s Dram, a small batch whisky of only 963 bottles. Yet there is a quote by The Whisky Exchange’s Chris Bolton on the product page that provided some insight:

“We’ve created Dad’s Dram as a whisky meant for sharing while reminiscing over life’s stories. This blend contains rare old single malts we won’t have access to again, and is a whisky with depth and complexity that will appeal to all palates – you might even call it retro.”

So, “rare old single malts”. Probably not a huge percentage, given its price just below 60 quid. But if it’s meant to pique my interest, then mission accomplished.

dads dram blended malt scotch whisky exchange review

Dad’s Dram Blended Malt (56%, The Whisky Exchange, 2024)

Nose: This needs some time in the glass to open up. Then it’s slivers of furniture polish, hops, and cattle feed. A touch of pomelo too, followed by some gentle notes of mint, but also stewed apples, pear skin and buttery pastries. Finally some cherry pits.
Taste: Sweet, almost sugary arrival. Again, there’s something farmy. I can’t quite pinpoint it though. Straw and hay, as well as oaties and a few drops of caramel. Furniture polish too. Then underripe pineapple and a sliver of banana peel.
Finish: Medium length. Somewhat chalky, whispers of grainy pears.

I experienced this as a somewhat unusual whisky. Not very accessible, I would say. Or I'm just not into this "retro" style of whisky. Whether I'd recommend this as a Father's Day gift? I don't know. This seems more suitable for a niche audience, instead of the broader audience The Whisky Exchange is hoping to reach.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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