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Construction Of Bimber’s Dunphail Distillery Underway

Construction of the new Dunphail Distillery in Speyside has started. Building work commenced slightly earlier than originally anticipated, which is a refreshing change of pace in these pandemic times, when every building project seems to run into delay after delay. The distillery also announced their Founders’ Club and private cask programme.

Located south of Forres, Dunphail Distillery is a project by the same team that also runs London’s Bimber Distillery. The build is expected to take around 12 months to complete. So, with a little luck they’ll be distilling in December 2022, but experience on these kinds of projects learns that they’re bound to run into some kind of hold up along the way.

Planning permission to convert an existing farm steading was given in July. Once Dunphail Distillery is up and running, the site will be able to produce 200,000 litres of alcohol per annum. Much like Bimber, Dunphail Distillery will adopt a single-minded approach to the whisky making process. On-site floor maltings will be installed, but they’ll also emply long fermentations and direct-fired stills.

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“We’re thrilled to be starting the construction of Dunphail Distillery” said spokesperson Matt McKay. “We fundamentally believe that the most charaterful whiskies in the world are created from the finest ingredients and are crafted using authentic traditional processes. At Dunphail we’ll be applying our established expertise in developing world-class whiskies and employing the traditions of the past to shape the whisky of tomorrow.”

Sustainable & Energy-efficient

Dunphail Distillery will be sustainable and energy-efficient and will promote water conservation. Ingredients will be sourced as locally as possible in order to keep the site’s carbon footprint down. It was even announced that there are plans to create a new forest on the grounds; a tree planted for every cask purchased.

“We are aiming to create whiskies with distinctive profiles that have been shaped by traditional production processes,” said Bimber’s Dariusz Plazewski in a prepared statement earlier this year. “At the same time, we are committed to building a distillery that encourages people to act, think and drink different – and for us to lead the way by reducing our environmental footprint.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for us. We are aiming to expand our production capacity at Bimber by exploring potential London sites for a relocation – at the same time we are thrilled to be looking to Scotland to establish a new distillery that will be distinctive from and run separately to Bimber.

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“Drawing from our experience and knowledge, we intend to combine our traditional outlook to production with a forward-looking innovative approach to whisky education and appreciation. Our vision for Dunphail is to craft truly exceptional, world-class spirit born of the techniques of the past – but with its focus firmly on the future.”

Dunphail Distillery Founders’ Club

To celebrate the start of construction, Dunphail Distillery will launch its Founders’ Club and initial private cask offering from 12pm (GMT) on Friday 10th December 2021. Memberships and casks will be available via the distillery’s new website, www.dunphaildistillery.com.

Founders’ Club members of Dunphail Distillery will receive a bottle of the distillery’s inaugural single malt whisky, which is expected in 2026. They’ll also get four exclusive releases, including the first peated whisky produced at the distillery., two Founder member-only Gonzalez Byass single sherry casks and a specially commissioned ‘commemorative’ release from Bimber Distillery in London. Membership of the Founders’ Club is priced at £695 and includes other benefits as well.

The distillery’s private cask programme allows individuals to lay down stock of single malt from Dunphail Distillery. A number of different cask types will be on offer, including 200 litre ex-bourbon barrels, 125 litre Pedro Ximenez and 125 litre oloroso sherry cask, offered in both unpeated and peated styles, with prices ranging from £3,800 to £6,400.

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