Clynelish 18yo The Whisky Exchange Retro Label

Clynelish 18yo The Whisky Exchange ‘Retro Label’

Not even two years ago The Whisky Exchange released this sherried 18 year old Clynelish for The Whisky Show 2014. It drew attention quickly because of the cool label. But in the end it is the content that counts, and in this case it seemed to be more than okay. This bottle has build quite the reputation now and will currently cost you a sweet penny at auction.

Clynelish 18yo (50,6%, The Whisky Exchange ‘Retro Label’)

Nose: Dark sherry notes with milk chocolate and some light aroma of polished leather and resin, as well as an earthy quality. Cigars and mushrooms. I like it. Especially because it also has a surprisingly fresh side to it, with some lovely lemon peel.
Taste: Chocolate, cherry syrup and espresso with a pinch of salt. Earthy and tobacco leaves, with mint as well.  Also a fair amount of spices. Cloves, cinnamon and black pepper.
Finish: Spicy with cappuccino. Ending on black pepper and menthol. Fairly long.

Rating: 90

An absolutely wonderful whisky, well deserving of its fabled reputation. To think whisky like this went for £75 just two years ago. Makes me wistful.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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