Caperdonich 1994/2014 The Whisky Cask

As a closed distillery, Caperdonich has quite the reputation. But that reputation is mostly built on al those excellent bottlings from 1972. I haven’t seen a new one from that year in a long time. There might be a cask or two laying around, but it won’t be much.

Now there’s also a whole lot of modern bottlings from Caperdonich. All of them from independent bottlers, mind you. These newer vintages don’t have as sterling reputation a reputation as their older siblings. But there are some gems among them nonetheless. The Caperdonich I try today is from The Whisky Cask and has matured in a bourbon hogshead.

Caperdonich 1994/2014 (54,7%, The Whisky Cask)

Nose: Fruit galore! This Caperdonich is a nice fruit basket of green apples, pears, white grapes and a touch of lemon zest and lime juice. Some banana too. Very attractive.
Taste: At first a touch of bitter oak and bitter grapefruit, accompanied by a wave of spices such as black cardamom, vanilla and cloves. What about the fruit, you ask? It’s still here, just a little less prominent (a bit of a shame I think). I’ve already mentioned the grapefruit, but there’s some pear and banana too.
Finish: Wood spices and subtle fruits. Fairly long.

Rating: 86

Quite the enjoyable whisky from what I suspect is a refill (and not a first-fill) bourbon hogshead. A fruity nose, and a more spice dominated palate.

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