Caledonian 1987 29 years old 3006 whisky

Caledonian 1987 29 Years Old (3006 Whisky)

Remember 3006 Whisky? A little while ago I reviewed their latest offerings. In that blog post I also mentioned I had tasted their Caledonian 1987 29 Years Old, but that was at a small public event. Not the place to make proper tasting notes.

Well, good news. I encountered founder Jop Boer a few weeks ago (to interview him for a Dutch magazine), and he brought a sample of his first ever bottling, which is what this Caledonian is. Turns out, it is as good as I remember it being.

Caledonian 1987 29 Years Old (55,3%, 3006 Whisky, C#23887)

Nose: Plenty of saw dust, pine needles and wood glue, this is undeniably a grain whisky. It has a lovely sweet and sour vibe going on. Sweet from vanilla and corn, and sour from lime and lemon. There’s some other fruit aromas too, like freshly cut apples and orange squeeze.
Taste: Creamy and sweet, with notes of oak, black licorice, menthol and cough syrup. There’s some pepper, as well as cumin. Finally some oranges too, accompanied by fudge.
Finish: Soft spices and lingering notes of pine and menthol.

Rating: 89

A grain whisky that provides a bit of challenge, and is very rewarding. It goes beyond what most single grain whiskies have to offer. Lots of depth.

Photo: Whiskybase

Sample provided by 3006 Whisky

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