Bunnahabhain 8 years old moine 3660

Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Moine (2016)

Peat and sherry, sherry and peat. For many whisky enthusiasts it is an unbeatable combination. This Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Moine should be quite something then.

This is heavily peated Bunnahabhain that, albeit not for a very long time, has matured in second fill oloroso sherry cask. Only available from Warehouse 9, which is located at the distillery. It was hand bottled by a whisky buddy of mine. Thanks for the sample, Ruud!

Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Moine (60,9%, OB, C#3660)

Nose: Smoky, meaty barbecue notes dominate, with some salty seaweed added to the mix, as well as a layer of rubber. I also find a hint of cocoa powder, molasses and tar.
Taste: A big hit of peat and rubber, as well as some salt, lots of ashes. These flavours actually dominate the sherry influence, which is maybe not non-existent, but is certainly pushed way to the background. Water brings out notes of espresso, syrup and milk chocolate. It restores the balance.
Finish: Long and drying, with smoke, wood and coffee.

Rating: 85

A very good example of a dram that improves dramatically after adding water. Without water this is 82 or 83 points in my book. With water it rises up to 87 or 88. Logic dictates a score right in the middle of that.

Photo: whiskyauctioneer.com

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