Bunnahabhain 1968 Auld Acquaintance

Bunnahabhain 1968 Auld Acquaintance (2002)

Today it is time for what is probably the most legendary whisky ever from this distillery, the Bunnahabhain 1968 Auld Acquaintance. This whisky has been in the top three of my unicorn whiskies for a long time. I just had to try it at least once, and thanks to my thoughtful girlfriend, who tracked down a generous sample for me, I now have.

The Auld Acquaintance is a Limited Hogmanay Edition, meaning it was distilled and filled into sherry casks on on 31 December 1968. After the release in 2002, its legend quickly grew. And with that, the price also. Expect to pay upwards of 1.500 euro nowadays.

Bunnahabhain 1968 Auld Acquaintance (43,8%, OB, 2002 bts.)

Nose: Some very soft smoke and menthol notes, as well as some pine needles. Really delicate. The sherry is subtle yet omnipresent. Coffee powder, cocoa and milk chocolate with raisins and dates, as well as cherry marmalade. A hint of cigar tobacco and licorice and a just a whiff of glue. Superbly complex and enjoyable.
Taste: Again subtle and delicate, but also rich in flavour. Big on the sherry, but never overpowering. Slightly oily. Lots of milk chocolate, accompanied by polished leather and some soft spices, such as cinnamon and cloves. Menthol too. Also prunes and raisins, as well as marzipan and salted caramel. Incredible balance.
Finish: Aniseed, chocolate and raisins. Long…

A dreamboat of a whisky, displaying an incredible complexity on the nose especially, but also the palate. Stoked to have tasted this legend. This goes straight into my Whisky Top 10.

Photo: whisky-onlineauctions.com

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