Bruichladdich The Laddie Eight (Travel Retail Exclusive)

Bruichladdich The Laddie Eight (Travel Retail Exclusive)

A lot has been said about the transparancy campaign by Compass Box. Bruichladdich immediately was one of the most vocal supporters of more transparancy. So much so in fact that you can now look up the recipe of The Laddie Classic. They listed every barrel used for each vatting.

And in another victory for transparancy, Bruichladdich now also launched a new travel retail exclusive. It contains young whisky, but instead of making it a NAS expression, they decided to just come out and say it is just eight years old. More distilleries should do this.

Bruichladdich The Laddie Eight (50%, OB for Travel Retail)

Nose: Very fresh and light with lemon curd, lime and kiwi at centre stage. Also grass, honey and vanilla with sweet breakfast cereals.
Taste: Fairly spicy at first, but those quickly make way for fruitier flavours of lemon, apple and pear. Some nuttiness in the background as well.
Finish: Subtle aniseed, lemon rasp and almonds. Drying and pretty long.

Rating: 83

Quite satisfying and with its own distinguishable signature. Fresh, fruity and with some enjoyable spices as well. Bottling this at 50 percent was a good decision I think.

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