bruichladdich 1993 25 years old cadenhead

Bruichladdich 1993 25 Years Old (Cadenhead’s)

Bruichladdich is an old-style distillery, with modern, forward-thinking owners. However, back in 1993, those people were not yet in place. Basically, it was just old-style. No computers anywhere, ancient equipment, and no fancy oak casks.

A 25-year-old Bruichladdich then, from an ex-bourbon cask (presumably refill), bottled by Cadenhead’s, one of those no frills independent bottlers. It is no surprise that the result is somewhat of an old style whisky.

Bruichladdich 1993 25 Years Old (49,3%, Cadenhead’s)

Nose: Big notes of pear skin and stewed pear, as well as peach, followed by a touch of brown sugar and banana. Lovely floral as well, with just a hint of almond. Overall though, this has a thin, citrus-y veneer.
Taste: Quite oily, arriving with big citrus notes—pickled lemon and tangerine mainly—before moving on to dryer, oak-y flavours. Soft spices, slightly bitter. A touch of leather as well.
Finish: Very dry and oak-y. Ending on notes of yellow fruit.

Rating: 86

This has some very good aspects, yet I do believe it has overstayed its welcome a bit, and maybe should’ve been bottled a wee bit earlier. Regardless, this is far from a dime a dozen dram, and has boatloads of character.

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