Braeval 1994 C&S

Braeval 1994/2014 C&S Dram Collection

C&S Dram Collection offers some of the most affordable single cask, cask strength whiskies on today’s market. A lot of their releases are priced at 70, 60 or even below 50 euro. That isn’t to say that they offer super value for money. You get what you pay for: decent whisky, but nothing earth shattering.

Today I taste a Braeval that is on the higher end of their price range, a little over 80 euro, and still available by the way. Aged in a bourbon barrel for almost 20 years.

Braeval 1994/2014 (54,4%, C&S, C#159158)

Nose: Some faint fruits, red apple, peach, nectarine and lemon as well. Also cinnamon and nutmeg. The nose is a bit closed, and not too complex, but nevertheless fairly pleasant.
Taste: Spicy and drying. Slightly woody and bitter, with some chalk. It takes some time before green and yellow fruits take over.
Finish: A hint of smoke, more green fruits. And now some nice white chocolate. Medium in length.

Rating: 82

Good nose, good finish, but the taste is a bit too dry and bitter.

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