Box Early Days Batch 001

Box Early Days Batch 001

Box Distillery is very popular in Sweden, where they are located. But outside of their home country not many people have heard of them. That might be about to change, because late last year they released their first ever bottling for the European market, Early Days.

The cool thing about Box is that they are very transparent. They share the recipes and details of all their bottlings on their website. So we know that batch 001 of Early Days is just over four years old. I was gifted this sample by Johan of The Old Pipe. His family’s last name is Van Boxmeer, so that’s part of why he decided to buy some bottles for his shop.

Box Early Days (51,2%, OB, Batch 001)

Nose: Creamy and aromatic with plenty of exotic fruits. Banana, peaches and nectarines. Lots of vanilla and a bit of caramel too.
Taste: The youth presents itself more here. A tad spicy with ginger. But mostly vanilla, wood shavings, some banana and a touch of honey.
Finish: Oak, ginger and vanilla.

Rating: 80

Promising? Sure. But right now this is an average whisky priced at a premium of around 130 euro. And if that isn’t bad enough, for that price you’ll only get a bottle of 50cl.

Photo: Box Distillery

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