bowmore 2014 9 years old particular douglas laing gall 17946 review

Bowmore 2014 9 Years (Douglas Laing for Gall & Gall)

A new young independently bottled Bowmore? These things are rarer than hen’s teeth. And yet two (!) single casks were just released for the Dutch market. Today I’m reviewing the Bowmore 2014 9 Years from Douglas Laing’s Old Particular range. This is cask DL17946 bottled exclusively for Dutch retailer Gall & Gall.

To clear up any confusion, Gall & Gall have been selling the two casks as if they are interchangeable. There’s only one product page on their website. Should you place an order, you will either end up with the bottle I’m reviewing today or with one from sister cask DL17953. The latter has already been reviewed on Malt Fascination. (And just to address it, the picture I’m using is of said sister cask.)

So yeah, independently bottled Bowmore distilled in the 2010s. Just check Whiskybase to find out how unusual this is. The distillery has seemingly stopped selling their make to bottlers after 2003, except for a large batch of Bowmore 2004 to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Since then there has been the odd independent release. And only Douglas Laing has bottled more than a handful.

As luck would have it, the Bowmore 2014 9 Years bottled for The Netherlands matured in a refill barrel. Expect some pure, unadulterated Bowmore—generally the best kind.

bowmore 2014 9 years old particular douglas laing gall 17946

Bowmore 2014 9 Years (57.5%, Douglas Laing for Gall & Gall, DL17946)

Nose: Oh, hello! There’s quite a lot of fruit here. You know, the kind that Bowmore does best. Citrus-y of course, lemons mainly. Possible lime. But also hints of papaya and mango. Just gorgeous. Then some obligatory vanilla pods, just a hint of liquorice and gentle smoke. A tad shy, but the quality is there.
Taste: Classic Bowmore. A tinge of white pepper, good amount of cured lemons, some pineapple and bitter grapefruit. Just a sprinkle of salt and seaweed, as well as a rooty earthiness. Really nice.
Finish: Short to medium. Gentle tropical fruits and even gentler smoke.

Loses a decimal point on the finish, but overall just a lovely Bowmore. There's certainly not the most complexity here, but it does hit all the checkpoints. If you're into fruity, ex-bourbon matured Bowmore, you really can't go wrong.


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