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Bowmore 2001 15 Years Old (Signatory Vintage)

Well-made Bowmore can be some of the best whisky in the world. I mean, my favourite whisky so far is actually a Bowmore. Furthermore, my favourite distillery visit ever was also at Bowmore. Strangely enough I never mention Bowmore when someone ask me to name a few of my favourite distilleries. Maybe I should address that.

Okay, let’s do this. If this Bowmore 2001 15 Years Old, which was bottled specially for The Whisky Exchange by Signatory Vintage, also convinces me, then I’ll start naming Bowmore as a personal favourite of mine, together with Benromach and Old Pulteney, but also Springbank. High stakes!

Bowmore 2001 15 Years Old (55,6%, Signatory Vintage, C#20117)

Nose: Quite coastal, but with a proper amount of lemon and cotton candy, as well as some apple juice and pear skin. There’s a whisper of wet rocks, as well as a crips smokiness. A tad sweeter than I’m used to from refill bourbon matured Bowmore, but that’s not a bad thing.
Taste: Creamy. A backbone of subtle Bowmore smokiness, a bit ash and a pinch of salt, accompanied by signature tropical fruits. Some passion fruit, as well as mango and grapefruit. It also has a spicy edge to it. Mainly white pepper, I’d say. Proper stuff.
Finish: The fruits linger for a while, together with some subtle peat smoke.

Rating: 89

Yes please! Bowmore is right up my alley, and this release is no exception. It is hard to beat a restrained use of peat, accompanied by layers of other flavours. Think Springbank, Benromach, Glengyle and also Bowmore. Also, I guess this means Bowmore has made it on my list of favourites.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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