Bowmore 17 years old White sands

Bowmore 17 Years Old White Sands (2017)

Bowmore produces such great whisky, as is proven time and again by the single casks that are bottled by the independents. Yet the official releases from the distillery are often lacking, or trending downwards. I really liked the Bowmore Tempest for example, but its (sort of) successor, the Bowmore No. 1 Vaults, feels like a watered down version.

Anyhoo, the Bowmore 17 Years Old White Sands used to be part of the distillery’s travel exclusive range. It’s refreshing to see age statements on duty free bottlings, something Bowmore still does with their current travel range. Honestly, a single cask Bowmore of this age is usually quality stuff. It would be great if the distillery was able to capture some of that Bowmore magic in an official release.

Bowmore 17 Years Old White Sands (43%, OB, 2018)

Nose: Slightly coastal, with dried seaweed, hints of peat and wet rocks, as well as some wonderful notes of mango and peach liqueur, accompanied by vanilla custard.
Taste: A pinch of salt, and just a hint of pink grapefruit, but also some subtle peat smoke and whispers of coconut shavings, as well as a whiff of paraffin wax. Slightly peppery on the tip of the tongue.
Finish: Medium, sweet peat.

Score: 83

Lacks a bit of complexity for a higher score, but is nonetheless a good example of the house style, if you ask me.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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